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Mike N Dad

MIKE N DAD Eyelash Extension Kit

MIKE N DAD Eyelash Extension Kit

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Bullet Points

  • Collection: This Eye Lash Extension kit contains 1 x Eye Lash Mirror, 1 x 45 Degree Isolation Tweezer, 1 x Semi Curve Tweezer, 1 x Axe Boot Volume Tweezer, 1 x 90 Degree Volume Tweezer.
  • Assorted Styles: The eyelash extension kit contains different styles of Tweezers along with eyelash inspection mirror, easily improve your working efficiency, great match to meet your need of Best Weapon to create brighter, larger and charming eyes through Full Set of Eyelash Extensions using our Kit!
  • Ideal Travelling Accessory: The eyelash extension kit can easily store in Take out bag, it take up very little space, great and necessary tools for Lash artist enclosed in a Little Herat Shape Bag.
  • A Great Gift: For Home based Lash artist, Professional Lash artist, Eyelash Extensions training Academy for there students and everyone who loves to do lash extensions.
  • Application: A set of tools suitable for grafting eyelashes, a Kit that meets all needs.

Product Description

Details about the kit

Eye Lash Mirror

Heart shape big mirror with detachable handle having textured grip.

45 Degree Isolation Tweezer

The 45 Degree angle is perfect for isolating challenging curly and baby lashes. Super lightweight, made from premium Stainless Steel. 14 cm Length for comfortable and long term durable use.

Semi Curve Tweezer

The angle tip is perfect for selecting an individual lash or to separate a client’s natural lashes in order to isolate one natural lash.

Axe Boot Volume Tweezer

L Shape volume lash tweezers are excellent tool for picking and holding any handmade diameter roll fan lashes and applying them.

90 Degree Volume Tweezer

This tweezer is ideal for artists who mostly do Hollywood and hyper volume sets



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