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Derma Clear Facial Trial pack (5,7ml/products)

Derma Clear Facial Trial pack (5,7ml/products)

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Derma Clear Facial Trial Pack

| Skin Brightening Solution | Skin Lightening Solution

Derma Clear Facial is the best skin care kit to create a spa facial enjoy right at home. The package includes all products to complete your spa-worthy treatment. Full of firming, restorative, and re-energizing substances, this facial offers the ultimate boost, for a brighter, extra youthful complexion.


This facial kit offers all the advantages of a professional facial treatment within your hand. It improves facial contour and tone instantly smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles giving you instant outcomes.

The facial kit consists of:

    • Derma Clear Brightening Face freshener.

    • Derma Clear Face Brightening Deep cleanser.

    • Derma Clear Microfoliant Face Scrub.

    • Derma Clear Skin Hydrating Whitening Mask.

    • Derma Clear Skin Balancing Cream.

    • Derma Clear Cyber White Serum.


Brightening Face freshener : this skin freshener aids to tone, purify and freshen the skin. Also remarkably mild, preserving moisture keeps the complexion fair, soft & balanced. Will feed your skin with replenishing radiance and glow, aids to minimise any irritations or redness.


Derma Clear Face Brightening Deep cleanser : this brightening cleanser, helps to eliminate bacteria, dirt, impurities, sweat, makeup and pollution without interrupting the skin natural pH and moisture. It is able to cleanse pores with extra oil and pollutants which can increase the chances of blackheads/whiteheads formation, additionally it also gives a creamy and waxy sense to skin.


Derma Clear Microfoliant Face Scrub : This skin lightening scrub is formulated with advanced exfoliating & nourishing properties which makes your skin look flawless just after one use. It fades dark spots and reduces wrinkles. Restores skin's firmness, rids puffiness and tightens as well as tones skin. Protects the skin from the damage caused by UV rays.


Derma Clear Skin Hydrating Whitening Mask : This mask has anti-aging properties which renew dead-skin cells and rejuvenate your skin with the aid of providing you with a youthful appearance. It eliminates fine lines and wrinkles. It also purifies your skin deeply. It fights the dullness and damage resulting from pollution.


Derma Clear Skin Balancing Cream : This balancing Cream controls oiliness and decreases the appearance of pores mainly inside the T-zone area while balancing the skin. Helps to whisks away the excess oil that causes shine while hydrating skin for a secure, healthful-looking complexion.


Derma Clear Skin Radiance Cream : It provides 7 benefits  i.e. Lightening, Glow boosting, Moisturizing, Hydrating, evening out skin tone, nourishing and toning. It minimizes the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. It also improves elasticity and works successfully to visibly reduce acne scars. Complements the skin's look to promote a smoother, rejuvenated complexion.


Derma Clear Cyber White Serum : This serum reduces darkish spots and enhances the skin complexion, will leave you looking and feeling luminous. It enables in lightening the appearance of pigmentation, it lightens skin tone and helps in decreasing pigmentation spots, therefore best for all pores and skin types.

A Trial Pack of our Professional Facial Kit

A Set of:

    1. Derma Clear Brightening Face freshener (10ml)

    1. Derma Clear Face Brightening Deep cleanser (10ml)

    1. Derma Clear Microfoliant Face Scrub (7ml)

    1. Deram Clear Skin Hydrating Whitening Mask (7ml)

    1. Derma Clear Skin Balancing Cream (7ml)

    1. Derma Clear Skin Radiance Cream (7ml)

    1. Derma Clear Cyber White Serum (5ml)


How To Use Derma Clear Facial?


CLEANSER: Apply a thin layer on the face & neck it will remove the impurities and makeup particles from the Face and Wipe it off with the sponge. Then the second step is to apply it again on the face and leave for 2 minutes and massage it well with your fingertips for at least 3-4mintues and then wipe it off.


FACE FRESHNER: Apply face freshener on the face and the neck & retain it for 5 minutes to dry.


MICROFOLIANT FACE SCRUB: Take the appropriate quantity of the scrub & apply it on the face and scrub it 7-10 minutes. This will extract your dead cells. Do a circular massage clock and anti-clockwise.


SKIN RADIANCE CREAM: Have a gentle massage on your face and neck for 10-15 minutes and then wipe it off with a sponge. This cream lightens and regenerates the skin with its deep skin clarifying action.



    • If you have normal and dry skin leave it to absorb.

    • If your skin is oily and acne skin then apply it gave a massage and wipe it off.



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