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Mike N Dad

MIKE N DAD Toe Nail Cutters

MIKE N DAD Toe Nail Cutters

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  • Medical Grade Material: Our all metal toenail clippers can be reusable, fully autoclavable, this metal tool is built from premium medical grade stainless steel to the highest quality standards
  • Sharp Straight Blades: Sharper than the general olecranon clipper, trim deeper into the ingrown toenail; Cuts through thick, stubborn and ingrown toe nails; Shaped to smoothly cut the parts of nails that can’t be cut with ordinary nippers
  • Ergonomic Polishing Handles: It looks nice and its ergonomically designed for your comfort; Allows for stronger and controlled grip
  • Optimum Cutting Performance: Our nail clipper cleanly cuts in one movement; Fitted safety cover reduces risk of injury when tool is stored while also maintaining the tool in peak condition

Product Description

Nails grow as a result of excretion of old dead cells from our bodies. That is why, scientifically nails have to be cut whenever they grow beyond the skin level of the fingers. Also, there are possibilities of impurities to get deposited in between the space between the nails and the skin. A nail cutter is almost a necessity in every household. But, sometimes we might find a nail cutter not very useful for cutting thick, ingrown nails. That is why, MIKE N DAD brings you 5-Inches Professional Toe/Finger Nail Cutter. This would be the perfect choice for cutting those months-old thick nails in your toes and fingers with ease.
This nail clipper has curved handles which will aid you in easily cutting your thick toe nails and ingrown nails. The blade is so sharp and is made of 100% rust-free heavy-duty material to retain its sharpness for many years. The auto-clavable barrel-spring mechanism will be so instrumental in giving you the pressure for cutting your nails. This nail clipper also is resistant to finger prints which means that this nail cutter will look new for years to come.
This Professional Toe Nail Cutter & Nail File from MIKE N DAD will give you the following benefits:

  • Effectively cut you thick toe nails
  • Ingrown nails can be cut or clipped with ease
  • Has auto-clavable barrel-spring mechanism for effective cutting.
  • Stainless steel nail file will aid in easily smoothening & shaping your finger and toe nails.

MIKE N DAD cutters must be kept in a cool dry place away from moisture or dampness, chemicals or other rust causing agents. Keep the blades cleansing with a soft cloth.
After using MIKE N DAD cutters keep them closed to avoid damaging the blades. Keep MIKE N DAD cutters in a safe place out of reach of children
Safety Warning
MIKE N DAD Cutters are sharp objects so keep them out of children’s reach. These are used for nails so avoid cutting other materials like tape as it leaves an adhesive coating on the blade that affect the performance of cutters. After using clean it with a soft cloth.



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