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Go4Glow Manicure Masque (150ml)

Go4Glow Manicure Masque (150ml)

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Manicure Masque (150ml)

This manicure Masque from Go 4 Glow is a deep cleaning mask that allows to detoxify and purify the skin, gets rid of all the skin impurities and is especially useful for the removal of tan from the skin. Mattifying and balancing actives of this masque help manage to shine, even as natural plant extracts assist rid the skin of impurities. A specialized skin lightening complex helps fade put up acne scars and brightens the complexion.

It is a rejuvenating hand treatment that combats the visible symptoms of aging, having a multitasking formulation that restores moisture and younger energy to dry, age-broken hands. Niacinamide and hyaluronic acid prevent dryness and make the lipid barrier to keep pores and skin plump. Coenzyme Q10 diminishes hyperpigmentation and retinol boosts cells to increase to lessen wrinkles.

This is a relaxing hand masque formulated with encapsulated retinol. Easily absorbed, this masque features fortifying substances to stimulate collagen production for a smoother look and lavishes pores and skin with lengthy-lasting hydration. Intensely maintain and softens hard, dry skin, Restores your skin’s natural stability, Leaves your pores and skin feeling silky and smooth, notable hydrating enriched formulation with a proprietary mixture of urea, hyaluronic acid, essential oils and a multi-mixture oil complex.

The effective combination of anti-aging vitamins and collagen-boosters determined in our manicure mask will also provide the most anti-aging benefits for renewed radiance and skin elasticity.


  • Pores and skin will feel softer and seem smoother.
  • Works to provide skin with a younger look, leaving hands nourished, hydrated and gentle.
  • Works to hydrate dry and cracked palms.
  • Fades the appearance of undesirable discoloration spots.
  • Leaves the skin of feet looking polished and clean.

How to use:

Put a thick layer onto the clean skin of your hands and leave on for 10-15 mins. You will sense a calming cooling sensation which signals that the mask is working. Use a moist towel to put off the mask. Rub down excess into pores and skin to lock in nourishment.



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