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Derma Clear Skin Balancing Cream

Derma Clear Skin Balancing Cream

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This moist yet lightweight Derma Clear Balancing Cream quenches thirsty pores and skin whilst assisting to balance skin's hydration and oil levels. Infused with Hyaluronic acid which helps to lock in refreshing hydration with a non-greasy experience.

This balancing Cream controls oiliness and decreases the appearance of pores mainly inside the T-zone area while balancing the skin. EDTA and Glycerine soothe, nourish, and enhance moisture levels so your skin remains gentle and healthy. Helps to whisk away the excess oil that causes shine while hydrating skin for a secure, healthful-looking complexion. It lightly purifies to balance sebum production as beeswax, and aloe barbadensis defend pores and skin from free radicals and untimely ageing & facilitates even pores and skin tone to create a nicely-balanced, radiant look.

Key ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid: hydrates, softens, and smooths

Stearic acid: neutralizes loose radicals, nourishes, and increases the moisture content

This is a silky-smooth face cream for combination skin that also feels dry. Allows to regulate of the skin’s lipid and moisture content material whilst moisturizing the skin. Enables reducing the production of sebum without drying out the skin. This cream has a mattifying impact on the skin, creates clean and balanced-looking pores and skin with a normal matte complexion.

This is a repair cream that reinforces and balances moisture-depleted pores and skin with botanical butter, hyaluronic acid, and organic plant oils. The nourishing antioxidant complex gives you a daily shielding improvement towards environmental stressors while the stearic acid source brightens dull pores and skin tone. Minerals, help ideal skin balance and provide protection from outside impacts while also retaining the skin moisturized.


    • Regulates pores and skin's pH
    • Moisturizes and soothes
    • Controls T-zone oiliness
    • Boosts and balances moisture-depleted pores and skin
    • Offers protection from environmental stressors
    • Brightens dull skin tone
    • Tones and tightens
    • Minimizes the appearance of pores

How to use:

To be applied on clean dry skin in the morning or nighttime all over the face and neck gently avoiding eyes and mouth. Pairs well with any balancing toner.



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